Master the basics of Web Development in 4 weeks. 
For Free.
Strive Ignite is a 4-weeks long, online programming course to get started with Web Development and learn to code.
And - it’s 100% FREE. For real.

Master the basics of Web Development, in 4 weeks.
For Free.
Strive Start is a 4-weeks long, part time, online programming course
to get started with Web Development and learn to code.

And - it’s 100% FREE. For real.
Next Strive Ignite batch starts: April 6, 2020
Learn to code, in 4 weeks, for free
The best way to start coding
Learn by building projects
You’ll build your first web learn the fundamentals of Web Development by building real web projects
Join a great class experience
Our classes are LIVE. Interact with the teachers, ask questions, and meet new friends from all over Europe
Learn from great teachers
At Strive School we teach people to code and get them hired. Our very same amazing tutors will be teaching to this class, but for free.
Strive from anywhere
Strive is a 100% online course - you only need a laptop and internet connection.
How Strive Ignite Works
4 weeks, 3 days per week live lectures (Mon, Wed, Fri 18.30 ~ 21.00) , 3 hard, fun, engaging homework!

In each week:
  •  10 hours of live lectures
  •  10 hours of exciting homework
  •  Build real world project (ex. Spotify Web App Clone)
  •  Notions on Computer Science
Tech stack
HTML, CSS and JavaScript are the building blocks of every internet page. With this skillset, you'll be able to develop every web interface!
Bootstrap4 is the most adopted framework to create web interfaces. It allows fast and easy creation of responsive web pages.
Git is the most famous versioning software. It allows to keep track of the code, share it and work in fast and efficient way with your team.
Yep, it's free.

Strive Ignite costs you no money.
Limited number of seats to ensure a great class experience.
We're looking out for highly motivated people.

    Strive Is

    Live Lessons
    Engaging Homework
    Real Class Experience

    Limited seats available.
    Next batch starts: April 6, 2020
    Keen to help?

    Are you a mid-senior level developer willing to give back?

    Reach out at! 

      Join us!

      New Live Classes
      Just few hours per week
      Get in touch with talented people!

      • Is it 100% Free? Yes, no hidden charge.
      • Why are you doing this? We believe in the European Tech ecosystem. We want to introduce as many people as we can to Web Engineering & Computer Science
      • What will I be able to do at the end of it? You'll be able to build simple web apps, discuss basic computer science topic and maybe get to decide that you want to do this full time
      • Who can apply? Students, Workers, Unemployed, people who want to code or to better relate to developers. 
      • ​What is the official language of the course? English.
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